Monday, April 26, 2010

I am a photographer... it's about time I put my photos up in the house! Lilly's party was the deadline for filling the frames I've been accumulating over the past year. I'm really enjoying our photo-filled walls! Here's the living room:The entry:The space in the living room by Matt's bathroom (probably the most awkward grouping, but we had to keep Lilly's "dancing mirror" where it was, so the photos had to work around that!):By the former office/current prayer room door:And, just 'cause I like 'em:

Lilly is FOUR!!!

Lilly turned 4 on the 9th, and we had a blast at her party! Thanks to the amazing Faust family, we were able to surprise Lilly with a {borrowed} moonbounce-jumper thing that the kids LOVED. We had a lot of fun, and Lilly got everything on her wish list {a purple ballerina cake, a princess piano, a princess computer, a Belle dress, fancy dresses, and a kitchen...and then even MORE gifts!}. Much thanks to Aunts Annie & Shannon for taking Miss Lilly out before the party to get her nails done and then out for ice cream! Her day was a hit!
The men...hard at work.{{You can always view more photos on my facebook page.}}

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spring Fling @ GK

We had fun at Growing Kids a few weeks ago at the Spring Fling. All the Chaput cousins made it out (even though Luke slept the whole rude!).

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Freshwind 2010!!!

Matt and I had the privelige of taking Nate, Adam & Megan to the Freshwind conference in Toronto right before Easter this year. Because we had one extra spot in the van, we brought Lilly along with us. It was her 1st trip out of the country! She had a blast.This is the children's church area at TACF...pretty cool. Lilly is in her favorite little "cave". She played there a lot.She spent most of her free time drawing pictures for us (& the worship cute to see her give her pictures to Heather the dancer and the singer of Leeland!). This is probably my favorite photo from the whole trip. I love how Lilly was right up fron for worship...and she's intently watching everythig going on on the stage. The Freshwind Band leads incredible worship. There's something special about seeing 15+ people singing, dancing, playing instruments or painting all at once with a heart sold out to God. Gives me chills each year.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Palm Sunday

Lilly was in the children's choir this year on Palm Sunday. They had so much fun singing and dancing for the church!


We enjoyed our annual Easter egg hunt at Mom & Dad's on Easter Sunday. Don't judge Lilly's "dress". It's her 1st Freshwind t-shirt accessorized by her mommy. Very 80's chic. {{She wanted to wear her FW shirt like the rest of the Soul Pardoners!}} Luke also came over and sat for his 1st Easter "session". This is not the pose we were going for (he kinda looks like he's laying an egg). What a cutie!

playing catch-up...

In preparation for Lilly's 4th birthday party last weekend, I went through all of the photos I've taken in the past year, in order to update my walls and fill all the new frames I've accumulated over the last few months. I'll post some images of my freshly decorated walls soon!

{{Fun anecdote of the day}} We had a GREAT weekend! We celebrated Lilly's 4th birthday on Friday at Pizza Hut, we had her birthday party on Saturday...the weather was great, a lot of family could come, we borrowed the Faust's moonbouncey-jumper-thingamabob, and ate a ton of great food. On Sunday, we had awesome worship at church, good lunch at my parent's house, LONG naps at home, and then we had a spur of the moment trip to McD's & the $1 theater to see the Chipmunks movie (Judah's 1st in a theater!). Altogether, it was a pretty perfect weekend!

As we all know, I have been a lazy blogger of late, and I have every intention of fixing that problem, starting TODAY. I will be posting photos that for one reason or another, got missed when the actual event took place, and it'll be like a little walk down memory lane for all of us!
Case in point: The following images were taken way back in FEBRUARY. We took our annual Chaput family photo (thanks, Patrick, for taking the picture!) when Sam was home for his R&R from Iraq.

I am in the process of exporting around 100 photos for upload on the blog & facebook from Lightroom (if you're interested, I ALWAYS post more pictures {more often} on FB than on the blog...), so I am hoping that by week's end, my blogging will be updated and current! Stay tuned...